June 4, 2013

Gaming News: The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter from Raging Heroes

 The Kickstarter is live and already 1000% (one thousand percent!) funded. Impressive. :)

I'm seriously considering pledging. I already bought the Limited Edition Sets of the von Königsmark sisters and their Sci-Fi equivalent the Kurganova sisters a while ago and the miniatures are superbly sculpted with a lot of character:

When I bought the Limited Edition boxes I already had added one of the miniatures from the Kurganova Set to my miniature collection but I could not resist the new mech sword option and the dog. The dogs in both sets are just too cool.
With the amazing success of the TTGotG Kickstarter (almost 200.000$ in 4 hours) there is a good chance this could get backers a really good deal with freebies and additional options. We will see. :)


Luckyjoe said...

Those look very cool! I like Mad Nurse Bernadette and Cruz best.

Kronos said...

Mad Nurse Bernadette is one of my top favorites too. Crazy cool stuff. :)